There shall be two membership statuses available to those who wish to fellowship with Faith Bible Church.

A person desiring to be a member of Faith Bible Church must: (a) Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as personal savior, (b) Accept in its entirety the doctrinal statement contained herein and agrees to be governed by this constitution and the Word of God as administered by the board of oversight, (c) Make written application, (d) Be interviewed by the pastor and/or a member of the board of oversight.

The purpose of this interview is that the applicant may give clear testimony of his salvation, obtain clarification of the constitution of Faith Bible Church, and give evidence of satisfying any other conditions for membership as set forth in this constitution.

Members of this church who err in doctrine or conduct shall be subject to dismissal according to Matthew 18:15-18. Before such dismissal, however, it shall be the duty of any member of this church who has knowledge of the erring member’s heresy of misconduct, to warn and to correct such erring member. If there is no response to this action, it shall be the duty of the member who has knowledge of the heresy of misconduct to confront the erring member a second time, accompanied by one or two witnesses. If said erring member still refuses to heed this warning, it shall be brought to the attention of the Elders. If said erring member refuses to heed the warning and correction of the Elders, he or she shall be publicly dismissed from the church.

Members of this church who shall willfully, without plausible reason or excuse, absent themselves from the services of this church for a period of one year shall be removable at the discretion of the Board of Oversight.

Only members of the age of 18 years or older will be considered Voting Members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please talk with one of our Elders, or contact us for more details.